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Gina Ewan has lived on Long Island her whole life. She has always been very active in her community.  She feels that its important to give back to the community and is passionate about health, happiness, and being charitable. Gina understands the we are all here to help each other and you never know how far a small gesture can go. She enjoys real-estate because she feels it is an important place to start when building communities. Gina believes that your home is the foundation of ones life. Where you live and how you feel about it is the basis for so many things. Gina wants people to love where they live and live where they love. As a Realtor she gets to help make that a reality for so many. “There is nothing better then the smile someone has on their face when they close on their new home”, Gina Ewan.



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Gina Ewan Review

Review by Bob Heller: “I just want to thank you for all your efforts helping me find a house. I greatly appreciated your easy going demeanor and not being pushy like some other realtors I have encountered. You guided me through the process and listened to what I had to say to help me find … Continued

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