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Today we are going to discover a charming peninsula of land located upon the North section of Setauket, Long Island. This historic section of Setauket, alive with stories, was originally referred to as “Little Neck”. It was purchased by the Strong Family back in the 1700s and later became known as “Strongs Neck.

The History of Strongs Neck

Anyone watch the series “TURN”? Well, you soon realize just how much history is in the Setauket (Strongs Neck) area. Most notable would be the Culpur Spy Ring which gathered intelligence for George Washington’s Army during the Revolutionary war. While roaming about town, you will be reminded of the Strong Family & Anna Strong who uniquely communicated with coded messages using a clothesline.

Abraham Woodhull (Loyalist TURN Spy) was a key player in the Ring, transmitting British movements. Other familiar names such as Caleb Brewster & Robert Townsend are scattered about the Setauket area.

The Schools

Strongs Neck offers excellent educational institutions for children residing in this area.

Elementary Schools:

  • Nassakeag Elementary School
  • Minnesauke Elementary School
  • Setauket Elementary School
  • Arrowhead Elementary School
  • William Sidney Mount School

Middle Schools:

  • Paul J. Gelinas Junior High School
  • Robert Cushman Murphy Junior High School

High School:  

  • Ward Melville High School 

Three Village Schools

Video on Strongs Neck

Strongs Neck Homes

Strong Neck Homes

You will find the streets are lined with a wide variety of different styles of homes. From cozy cottages and 3-bedroom homes to historic homes and waterfront mansions, there’s something for everyone. And everything in between. Home prices can vary too, starting at approximately 1/2 million to several million dollars (2024).  Click below for up to date home listings in the area.


Strongs Neck is a natural beauty and sought-after neighborhood awaiting you.

Map of Strongs Neck

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Written by Gina Lollo, MA, Lic RE Broker, bringing you a peek at Long Island communities. Remember, “Love where you live”, and let us help you find that perfect place.

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