Gina Lollo is just THE BEST! Period.

Gina Lollo is just THE BEST! Period. I am a first time home buyer with not much knowledge about the home buying process. Thanks to Gina, the entire process was smooth and flawless, with minimum stress. Gina helped on every step: scheduling tours at convenient times, negotiating prices, finding information about the property, home inspection, shopping for mortgage and home insurance, etc. The home we wanted to buy had a problem with one CO. The attorneys could not resolve this problem for two weeks, going back and forth with the argument if CO is actually needed or not… Finally, Gina stepped in and resolved the problem just it two days. It turned out that it was just a minor problem: a structure was not included into the original CO just by mistake. Gina is honest and pleasant person. If you work with her, you will not feel any pressure from her side at all. Her goal is to help you find home you love. This is rare case when a real estate agent truly enjoys her job. Great experience. Highly recommend! Gina Lollo

Vladimir T

"Best Boutique Realty".

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