Review by Lisa Kroez, Wading River NY:

The following is a testimony to why I chose Gail Brown to represent me in the short sale of my home:

After a year of frustration dealing with another realtor, I was about to let my home go through foreclosure.  I had enough.  One evening, a knock came to the door while we were having dinner.  Laughingly we all said it must be another realtor.  With that I saw a young woman step off my stoop and leave.

A few days later she returned, it was Gail Brown.  I thanked her for not intruding on our meal, we struck up a conversation and I hired her.  I thought her concern for my family was refreshing!  This was June 2011.  In September of that same year I had received a notice from Chase Bank about a promotion to receive $35,000.00, if I were to sign my house for a short sale by the end of the month.  If it had not been for the quick and thorough actions of Gail, I would have never made that deadline, and the reason being is that I was in Virginia at the time.  Gail took care of everything.  I called her numerous times,and she returned every call in a timely fashion.  She went over and beyond what one would expect from a realtor.  Gail helped with yard sales, packing, she even helped with the cleaning.  When my house sold, the lawyer, again referred from Gail, informed me that never had anyone received as much money as I had in a short sale.  I contribute all the success of this short sale due to the fact that I had a caring, knowledgeable, and dedicated realtor helping me every step of the way.  When I think back to what I had almost given up I could cry.  I received three times more money selling my home with Gail than I would have ever made with the former realtor.  Because of Gail Brown, my husband and I have money for a future home.  Our appreciation for all her hard work could never be put into words.  Gail actually restored my faith in realtors!  I thank God everyday for her and value our new formed friendship.  If you need to contact me for anymore information, please call me at (757) 431-4621.

Sincerely, Lisa Kroez


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