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Hello, my name is Gina Ewan, real-estate agent with Northshore Properties Realty.  I have lived on Long Island my whole life, and very active in my community.  I feel that its important to give back to the community and I am passionate about health, happiness, and being charitable. We are all here to help each other and you never know how far a small gesture can go. I got into real-estate because I feel it is an important place to start in building communities. I believe your home is the foundation of your life. Where you live and how you feel about it is the basis for so many things. Whether you’re raising a family, aging, entertaining friends, etc, all these things shape everything around us, and start at “home”. I want people to love where they live and live where they love. As a Realtor I get to help make that a reality for people, there is nothing better then the smile someone has on their face when they close on their new home!

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